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Jewelry Care

A Jewelry Care Guide

I'm often asked how to care for handmade jewelry. With proper care, your RedAvaDesigns jewelry will last for years. 

My favorite, easy way is to use a jewelry polishing cloth. There are many available for purchase online at retailers like Target, Amazon, the Container Store, Home Depot, and jewelry supply stores. Fabulustre and Sunshine are two brands I have used.

Many of my patterned metal pieces have a darkening patina in the recessed areas to highlight the pattern. Never use a cloth on the areas with patina. You can gently use the cloth on any non-darkened areas, anywhere there is bright metal. Liquid tarnish removers or jewelry cleaners are NOT recommended.

I do use a metal protectant on base metal pieces (bronze, brass, copper), but they may still darken slightly over time. The polishing cloth works well on these pieces too.

Enamel jewelry is glass fused to metal. If it gets dirty, simply wipe with a non-abrasive damp cloth.

    •  Prevent damage to your jewelry by avoiding exposure to extreme conditions (e.g., high heat, direct sunlight, heavy exercise, etc.).
    •  Opaque stones (e.g. coral, opal, pearl, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, obsidian and lapis) are very fragile and should never be worn in or cleaned with water.
    •  Allow self-tanners, sunscreen, lotion or perfume to dry before putting on jewelry.

    •  Keep your delicate jewelry in a special bag, box or drawer (not leather because it causes tarnish) or in tarnish-proof plastic bags.
    •  Storing one piece per bag will help prevent bead, pearls and/or gemstones scratches and chain tangles.

If you have any questions about cleaning a specific piece, please don't hesitate to ask.